Do Apartments Have Individual Water Heaters in 2022?

While looking for a new apartment, along with other requirements we search for an individual water heater. Who can ignore the need for this?

But having an individual water heater is always preferable. It provides extra privilege though it takes extra charge.            

So, do apartments have individual water heaters? 

Some apartments have individual water heaters in their building, mostly in large to medium buildings. Meanwhile, some apartments do not have one. They set up industrial water heaters to distribute hot water in apartments. These options make a difference in cost and service.

do apartments have individual water heaters

You do not need to worry so early. Here are a few more facts related to individual water heaters in apartments with which you will know what exactly is missing from your life.

Great! So, let’s not wait anymore and dive in this.     

Which Apartments Have Individual Water Heaters?

Individual water heaters are necessary, especially for the winter months. Moving to a new apartment with an individual water heater is a true blessing for winter. Without any doubt, we all wish for it.   

But most of the complexes do not have an individual one. Sadly they only have a commercial one. As a result, we need to ask first about it.

Normally, buildings that are small or medium in size provide individual water heaters in apartments. As there are fewer apartments, individual heaters are convenient for them.

However, they charge a bit extra for the heater. If you want to have this flexibility, you need to spend some.                                 

Why Do Large Complexes Choose Industrial Water Heating Systems?   

Most of the large complexes choose an industrial water heating system for all apartments. There are some strong reasons behind their decision.

Wanna know them? Let us break them down for you.

1. Lower Installation Cost

The cost of planning and installing the industrial water heating system is quite affordable for landlords. As it is the only water heating system, it saves the money of 50 to 100 individual water heaters for apartments.              

As the budget is not an issue, this seems a feasible idea. You can stick to this too for the privilege it gives.

2. Placed in the Basement

Commercial water heating systems are usually placed in the rooms of the basement. Thus, they do not take extra space in apartments. As space is a real problem nowadays, compact ones seem good to us.

Better safe than sorry. The basement ensures the user that safety. Any sensible person looking for safety would surely be awed.

3. Warranty  

Who does not love warranties? Even the commercial water heater comes with warranties. Seems interesting!

The companies provide exciting warranties to make the landlords feel secure. And this also looks profitable for you.   

4. Saves Energy

As commercial water heating is the only way of hot water for apartments, it saves energy. As energy efficient as it sounds, it is quite more than that.

Also, it has the aspiring factor that we all dream of. Less power to operate. Though seems dreamy, but this is the reality.

5. Reasonable Maintenance Cost   

Maintenance is an ingredient you can’t ignore nor negotiate. But one can you control is the cost of the maintenance

The commercial water heating system costs lower for regular maintenance. Most often the company charges reasonably for their service. Also, it does not take much time to inspect the heater.      

6 Reasons Why Some Apartments Avoid Individual Water Heater    

Unhesitantly, an individual water heater will provide you with many benefits. But it also carries some drawbacks.

There are myriads of reasons, why landlords may not like the individual idea. And yes, they are logical here.

How about knowing them bit by bit?

1. Fixed Amount of Hot Water

An individual water heater can carry a fixed amount of hot water. If the heater doesn’t have water in it, you will have to wait. The tank will get water and heat it. This is bad!

That’s not all. Even the left hot water in the tank gets cold after some time. Therefore, you do not have any other option than to wait. The heater will reheat the water and meet your needs.        

2. Doesn’t Save Energy

It is one of the negative aspects of an individual water heater. The heater uses energy to heat the water. This process continues whenever we need hot water.

It uses energy even when it gets cold water to heat them. It does not even save energy. A sudden rise in the electricity bill proves it all. 

So, doesn’t it seems correct to hate this practice?   

3. Short Lifespan

For a large complex of 50 to 100 apartments, the lifespan of an individual water heater is short. As know that water heaters need to be replaced after 10 years, a complex needs a huge amount of time to replace all these heaters.

Also, the cost will be considerable. Investing in new water heaters for every apartment results in losing piles of money. Who wants that? Literally, no one!

4. Increases Risk

If a complex contains 50 to 100 water heaters for apartments, it is a high risk for the building. Water heaters can leak due to cracks or other reasons.

The outcome will be damage to the building, sudden difficulties for tenants, etc. Imagine what will happen if the water heaters leak. A watery mess, flood in your favorite room, things floating around – a total disaster.            

5. Requires Space 

An individual water heater needs enough space to be set. It can be placed in the laundry room or in the closet area. Subsequently, floorplans are made also for the heaters’ space.      

For a landlord, it is not a profitable investment. If there won’t any individual water heater, he can use the space to make the apartment bigger. That’s what brings him money!   

6. Needs Regular Maintenance

An individual water heater needs regular maintenance to avoid faults in it. Hence, inspecting 50 to 100 water heaters in a building is quite a waste of time and money.

Moreover, the heaters will need routine checkups twice a year. This process ensures the safety of the heater. That requires a lot of time which many of us can’t afford.         

Should I Choose An Apartment with Individual Water Heater or A Commercial Water Heater?

There has been a dilemma between the individual water heaters and individual ones for a long time. The question is trickier, to be honest. To answer the question you need to look at the details of these two heating systems.

If you want better performance and more hot water, an individual one is perfect. On the other hand, if you have a small family, we suggest you choose the commercial one.

Now let’s discuss the cost. Of course, an apartment with an individual water heater will cost more. So, if looking for affordability, the commercial heaters are better.

If you are someone fixated on finding a secure apartment, do not choose an individual water heater. We have already discussed this reason. The commercial heater stays in the basement and does not create any issues with the apartments. So, it gets a plus point here.    

Therefore, you must consider these issues before choosing your new apartment. We can assure you that you will make a wise decision after going through this discussion.                          

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a water heater last?

Answer: A water heater lasts up to 10 years. Most of the time, a water heater becomes weaker after 8 years. But we recommend replacing it when it reaches 10 years.     

What is the system of delivering hot water in apartments?   

Answer: The system of delivering hot water in apartments is a recirculation process. It uses one to multiple piping loops connected to the water heater in the basement that distributes hot water.      

How does a water heater work?

Answer: First, a water heater works by getting cold water inside its tank. Secondly. a gas water heater uses a gas flame to heat the water. An electric heater operates differently by using electric elements inside the tank. Lastly, a valve and thermostat work along to keep the process safe.      

Final Thoughts

Eventually, we hope that the discussion was helpful to you. We can assume that you got the answer to, “Do apartments have individual water heaters?” 

Now, you can consider the facts mentioned above while moving to a new apartment. Surely, this will clear all your doubts and make the process easier.

If you face any more problems don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always ready to help you

See you again. Best of luck buddy!