Best Chimney Crown Sealer 2022 – Fix Chimney Leakage!

For the safety of the chimneys, a crown sealer is a must! How can we live without those? No way! Your chimneys deserve the best chimney crown sealer immediately!

But, how will you know which is the perfect one for your chimney? Well, knowing this requires extensive knowledge in the sealant and sealing industries. This cannot be gained within a day.

best chimney crown sealer

Wanna know a secret? We’ve done it for you. With the help of professionals and experts, we have prepared and listed the top products that are currently ruling the market. Plus, this guideline analyzes everything you need to make the right choice.

So, what’s taking you so long? Swipe down to know all you need.

How to Choose Chimney Crown Sealer?

If you are looking for the best chimney crown sealer, you might have gotten lost in the dilemma. However, a detailed guide outlining the considerable factors would help you to decide what exactly you need for your home.

Curious to know? We too are. Let’s have a walk to the main points.


The materials with which the crown sealer is made are the most crucial thing. This determines the durability of the material. Thus, it’s required to have a check on that.

Chemical Composition

The chimney crown sealer is often composited with an equal proportion of necessary chemicals that help the item do its job. Make sure your favorite brand provides the right amount of substance for you.


Brand value is not something that should be ignored. It matters a lot. Having your chimney crown sealer from a prominent brand can change the entire look of the chimney.


The primary function of the sealer is to protect your chimney from water leakage and unexpected accidents. For this reason, a crown sealer without water resistance would be awfully useless. Choose your one wisely!


Have the one that provides the value for the money. Quality matters but the price tag too. Hence, you should choose something you can afford and have the highest and smoothest quality you deserve.

1. Masonry Defender Chimney Brick Sealer

masonry defender chimney brick sealer
  •  Serves you for the lifetime
  •  Exclusive 5 years of warranty
  •  Permanent solution for the water leakage
  •  Application is a cakewalk
  •   Best protection without fading, or scratching

Hello, homeowners. Meet our renowned brand of the world. No wonder it is the MasonryDefender. It’s not just the name friend, it really does defends any masonry work.

Wanna know it details?

First, the main USP of this product is how well manufactured it is. Making your chimney new, ensures breathing quality and non-porous texture. This feature undoubtedly makes it the first choice for any residential work.

But wait! This does not limit the uses. It is also responsible for commercial spaces. As a result, it also has the ground for industrial uses.

Plus, you can flush out all your worries about appearance. Because it would not fade a bit. Luckily, Chimney Brick Siloxane Sealer is glaze-proof, and gloss-proof and has the natural substrate that protects your chimney rather than harming it.

The application part is also an easy fix. Why worry when you can have a brush and brush it? Yes! That is what it needs. And you’re good to go.

We know what you are wondering now. Okay, let me break this. This does not stick to your hands, nor make it work hard to clean it. Instead, it is completely water-based, which helps you to clean it easily at any time.

2. ChimneyRX Brushable Chimney Crown Sealer

chimneyrx brushable chimney crown sealer
  • Prevents the chimney from cracking
  • Easy application with only a paintbrush
  • Stops water intrusion
  • Fast drying
  • Flexible coating

We know you have high expectations by watching the brilliant product hanging at the first position. Well, we bet, the next one won’t disappoint you. Here is another loving product, with a tremendous record of sky-touching ratings.

Believe us, we are not a bit astounded by its facets. As our experts have tried it with their own hands on their chimney, they know it deserves a higher position than this. Its flexible coating holds reveals a new world to every homeowner.

It has the most flexible coating that not only prevents your chimney from water but also helps it from cracked chimneys. It is the supreme benefit, right? Double protection is always an extra point.

No wonder, its special formula helped the product to stand in the market. Uniquely composited with such delicacy, it has the ability to resist any time of water intrusion let alone cracks and damages.

And don’t you panic! It comes with the jumbo bucket – huge enough to cover the entire 40 square feet. Good for us!

And what else? You got extensive exterior protection and an all-time guarantee. Don’t you think it’s more than enough?

3. ChimneySaver VOC Solvent-Based Crown Sealer

chimneysaver voc crown sealer
  • Vapour permeable performance for a lifetime
  • Water-resistant with a special formula
  • Suitable for all types of masonry
  • Non-Glossy look of the crown
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years

Is there any product more alluring than ChimneySaver? We bet not. Guess its name says it all. Give a good pat to this real chimney saver. Let’s have a look.

With a huge warranty of 10 years, it has almost 100% vapor permeable texture. Reacting with the minerals of the masonry in the presence of UV rays creates a hydrophobic zone for the sealer to prevent water.

What an interesting gesture!

But wonder, what’s its specialty? It is that how swiftly it can protect any exterior to the interior surface – let it be limestone, graphite, sandstone, and even terra cotta. The ChimneySaver has your back.

Projecting the water leakage system to a new level of versatility, this product provides ulterior protection with complete glossy performance. Impressed, right?

In addition to all these mindblowing parts, let us give you more touch of realism. Or your dream!

Ever heard of thaw protected or freeze protected? It hardly can be seen on the market. However, our ChimneySaver is a special product with this special ability.

4. MasonryDefender Prevents Chimney Leaks Crown Sealer

masonrydefender prevents chimney leaks crown ealer
  • Seals the chimney from any liquid
  • Permanent solution with the flexible body
  • Durably made and manufactured
  • Relatively low drying time
  • Applying a crown sealer is one man’s work

Another product from MasonryDefender. We know the bar of expectation is normally too high now. Still, it never disappoints us.

Designed specifically for the chimney, the crown sealer is a miracle in itself. It has a magical electrometric texture due to the accurate proportion of the chemicals which works perfectly for preventing water leakage.

Full-proof plan, right? Of course! Moreover, with this tempting factor, the product is also one of the most flexible sealers you’ll ever meet.

No cracks, no scratches. A permanent go-to for your chimney solutions.

More important is its durability. The flexible and robust coating helps it last longer than you can imagine. It also helps to give protective guards to the chimney in total.

Comes with a great packaging size, you can use it for at least 20 square feet of space. And don’t worry. Applying is also quite easy.

With one brush stroke, it can finish all your worries. Along with it, you also get an insightful instruction manual to assist you in this process.

5. ChimneySaver Cold Weather CrownCoat

chimneysaver cold weather crowncoat
  • Protects the chimney from water leakage
  • Prevents cracks and chips
  • Flexible coating with the lifetime service
  • Environment friendly
  • Warranty of 10 years

And, here is the final crown sealer of today’s list. No different than the previous, but still have a lot more to offer. Have a look inside this environment-friendly product.

This water-based crown sealer is totally a fav pic for its environmental concerns. However, the catch is being water based it has the ability to prevent water intrusion greater than any other.

The math won’t work, right? Let us shock you more! It can be used at the lowest temperatures, for example, -40 degrees. Didn’t expect that coming!

Even though, it can be coated in the heaviest snow, rest assured, that no cracks will be found. With a gloss-free coat, you’ll get an everlasting crown coat for your home.

Yes, this product seems the real solution for the all troubles. Well done, buddy, if you’re thinking to use this. Surely, it would change your hard times.

How Do I Protect My Chimney Crown?

Protecting the chimney crown means protecting the chimney too. Depending on various factors – budget, weather, material – you can take necessary steps to protect your chimney crown from unwanted watery accidents.

A flue cap is the most common solution for this. We highly preferred this. Why? It has the superpower to prevent rain, and water and even protects your valuable crown from birds, squirrels, and nests.

The best thing you can do to protect your chimney is to use a full coverage flue cap. It would ensure 100% protection, no ifs or buts.

From sheltering the edges and every corner, this flue cap is the ultimate saver for you. But remember you need a strong, durable, and reliable cap. Don’t compromise with the cheap quality. It is what keeps your crown safe and sound.

 What Causes the Chimney Crown to Crack?

Chimney crowns are cracked inevitably within one year or ten. However, these cracks can be caused by several reasons. Knowing these would surely help you to save the crown.

Firstly, the reason is the natural damage. Due to heavy rain, or snowstorm the chimney crown will be weakened after a time. A clear visual representation is the states where rain is frequent; no crown remains there for a long time.

Secondly, the cracks are also dependent on the type of crown sealer. If you have relied upon a weakly composed sealer for your chimney, is it even a question that it will crack?

Other reasons can be shifting of the furniture or even the homes. This causes the crown to be weakened as the movement of the chimney happens. As a result, cracks are apparent after these.

How Long Does the Chimney Crown Sealer Last?

The chimney crown sealer lasts for at least 20 to 75 years. Yes! It is huge! But, if you have a high-quality chimney crown, we don’t think it would be surprising for you.

The moderate to low-quality crowns often easily pass 20 years of service. And even with perfect ease. Though you may need to polish them, rebuild them or seal them again from time to time for this, it still works fine.

However, some external factors can reduce the lifespan of the crown. Take count on them, my friend. And always look for the signs of the damaged crown to identify its final hours.


So, that’s it friends. We hope this extensive guide solves your dilemma and helps you to choose the best chimney crown sealer.

Why wait longer? Try it now, and enjoy its magical glory. Don’t forget to let us know how you felt about it.

Best of luck with your home improvement projects. See ya!