What to Look for in a Best Curved Electric Fireplace in 2022?

Curved electric fireplaces look amazing. You know how drop-dead gorgeous it can make your home. The whole market is running towards them; why not us?

However, having a plethora of options, it seems challenging to choose the one to invest in. Yes, how are you gonna know what will be the perfect option?

Again, countless products are not up to the mark. Argh! Frustrating!

best curved electric fireplace

We know, right, buddy? Why not try to make your work a bit easier? Yes, that is precisely what we did.

We researched thoroughly for several days, examined the customer review, analyzed the brand, and brought up this full-proof list of the best curved electric fireplaces this year. Go through them and our guidelines, and there will be no one to stop you.

So, let’s get started now.

How to Choose Curved Electric Fireplace?

We know while choosing the best curved electric fireplaces, everyone gets puzzled. The real reason behind this is the lack of knowledge of the factors they might consider while making decisions.

To remove your hassle for good, we have also prepared these guidelines highlighting the aspects you should never neglect while choosing a curved electric fireplace.

Here it goes-

Brand Name:

Brand name matters a lot, and a reputed company can change the whole perspective of the man. Therefore, choose the brand carefully. Always go for the popular ones, but don’t leave the tiny brands.

We never know what they have for us.

Heat Efficient:

Fireplaces are meant to provide you with heat. Make sure they do that accordingly. Choose something that provides at least 500 BTU to warm you up.


Though heat output matters, some may not be energy efficient. Subsequently, you might end up with hefty bills at the end of the month. The best choice would be cost-efficient for you.

Flame Settings:

Beautiful flames are the real fame of a fireplace. By changing colors, size, brightness, and luminosity, you can experience eternal beauty. Don’t miss that.


Better safe than sorry. Choose the fireplaces that have automated techniques and safety features for extra protection. In the modern world, such fireplaces are lurking everywhere.

Here are some of the industry-ruling best curved electric fireplaces for your home. So, let’s begin the countdown.

1. Northwest 80-WSG032 Curved Color Changing Fireplace

northwest 36 inch curved fireplace
  • Several flame options with effects
  • Double heating options
  • The cut-off device provides safety
  • Remotely controlled features

Introducing one of the wonders of our list – Northwest Curved Wall Mount Fireplace. There are sure some reasons to place it at the crowing position. Wanna know?

The fireplace does not bring warmth but also beauty. Designed perfectly with black, a sleek body and rendition of the color flames make it stand out in the room of several fireplaces.

Coming with the wall mount and metal stand makes it versatile to use. You can plug it closer to the power outlet and enjoy the warmth.

How fun it to be if you can control it lying in your cozy bed under the blanket? A dream come true!

This can be transformed into reality by Northwest. Using a remote control, you can adjust the heating effect, dimness, and power-off button from anywhere and everywhere.

And the safety features take this product to the upper levels. As fireplaces can be dangerous, they can cause potential hazards without safety features.

Keeping that in mind, Northwest ensures a cut-off function for the fireplace. This fireplace is unhesitantly a depiction of beauty with brains.

2. Furrion 26 Inch Curved Glass Electric Fireplace

furrion curved electric fireplace
  • Double safety features
  • Auto-shut off due to close proximity
  • LED flame tech
  • Easy to install
  • Coverage of 500 square feet

Here comes our second furious product presented by Furrion. From its looks to specs, it has got all. Come see what’s in store for us.

This powerful fireplace is a wonder on its own. Having a range of heating power settings between 750W and 1500 W, the fireplace could heat your room of 500 square feet real quick.

The power-packed performance needs a great deal of safety features. Furrion never leaves the race of safe performance.

For instance, overheating the auto shut down feature is a standard part. But do you know what an interesting one is? It also has a close proximity sensor for power-off technology.

It is beneficial for those with pets or toddlers at home. With this electric fireplace, we don’t need a door to invest in. It’s good on its own.

Besides, flame technology is something that makes the fireplace tempting to watch. The sequence of four LED lights synchronizes together to get the best looks. 

We don’t know how to avoid this love. Don’t you think the same?

3. Muskoka 42 Inch Contemporary Curved Electric Fireplace

muskoka curved electric fireplace
  • Ember customizing features
  • Flexible installation for beginners
  • Massive heat output of 1350 Watt
  • Range of 400 square feet
  • The best quality material is worth the money

Muskoka, our third and most favorite pick, is something totally out of the box. We can’t accentuate its features. They are already widely prominent.

Starting with its contemporary design and minutely measured slim body, the fireplace brings absolute elegance to your living room. With a magical aura, it will surely impress your guests.

And the embers are also of great value. You can choose what exactly you want with three different options: white stones, traditional logs, or gorgeous acrylic crystals.

Along with the bed set, how about we are offered seven different color settings? Dreamy? Yes, Muskoka provides four brightness and four LED light choices. Customize to enjoy, buddy.

As much as glorifying the outlook of the fireplace, the interior features are also dumbfounding. With 120 Volts and 1350 Watts, the fireplace spreads its heat waves as far as 400 square feet away.

Don’t worry about the heat. You know all of that is set. The adjustable features of 10 heating power increments make the control bread and butter.

Muskoka is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity in one frame. At the most reasonable price, it provides the highest quality one can offer.

4. e-Flame USA Edmonton 28 Inch Curved LED Electric Fireplace

e flame usa electric fireplace
  • Noise-proof fan for quiet performance and forced air
  • 3D flame technology
  • Easy to install at any place
  • Automatic shut down safety feature enabled
  • Energy saving to cut off the bills

E-Flame USA manufactures indoor, portable, curved electric fireplaces with a unique mission and vision. Being totally aware of the customers – kids, elderly, and pets – they engineered with the utmost attention.

The handsome design of the electric fireplace not only mixes well with all types of homes and rooms but also consumes narrow space. Yes, we mean it. Install it in any little corner. It will fit just perfectly.

Also, the lightweight of the fireplace comes in handy while installing it. Making the process a cakewalk also ensures the proper insertion of the fireplace in any room.

Its function knows no boundaries. With the soft forced air, it warms your whole room (in the range of 400 square feet). You can use it year long, thanks to the no-heat options.

And the most relieving thing is, it does so without any noise. Such a quiet performance is rare to find.

Moreover, your electric bills are also taken care of. This economical fireplace ensures efficient energy output plus promises to use exactly 90% less power to provide the same BTU as others.

It is absolute majesty, right? While you are talking of BTU, let us discuss that too. Unlikely for such a budget-friendly product, e-Flame provides 4603.5 BTU of heat. Impressive!

5. Northwest 36 Inch Curved Fireplace

northwest curved fireplace
  • It can be controlled remotely for easy use
  • Different flame color options
  • Brightness adjustment settings
  • Heat control options are available
  • Durable and lightweight material composition

Being our last pick, this product is also one of the best curved electric fireplaces on the market. Another aesthetic product of Northwest with some extravagant functions.

With modern design, the Northwest has an elegant black body with curved glass. A perfect blend of versatility and flashy design.

Without any need to chop the wood, you can actually experience the diversifying flame colors. With the myriads of color options, choose one and feel the magic,

Again, the hardware and the type of material ensure the effective fitting of the fireplace in every place. Just place it near an outlet, and it’s ready to go.

Given all these flexibilities, Northwest doesn’t want to stop. It also provides two heat settings and brightness adjustment features in one touch with your remote control.

Enabling independent use, this product has already taken place in the homes of a considerable number of people. Why not be one of them?

Why Should You Go With a Curved Electric Fireplace?   

While buying a new fireplace, you must be confused between a gas or electric fireplace. After choosing an electric fireplace option, your worries increased to which kind of electric fireplace you want.

However, our recommendation is purchasing a curved electric fireplace that will be ideal for your house. We are not telling you to choose it anyway. Some effective reasons make it a powerful choice.                         

You can look at the reasons behind why you should go with a curved electric fireplace. These are as listed –     

• Warmth With Comfort

A curved electric fireplace is well-known for providing warmth with comfort. It is because you will have the control to set how much heat you want.

Therefore, they are widely used to keep the surrounding heat as much as needed. Moreover, having the control over it is a plus point.        

• Nature Friendly

Curved electric fireplaces are pretty friendly to nature. They don’t have the issue of emitting gas while warming the house. Moreover, as they don’t use wood, there is no smoke.   

As a result, they are regarded as eco-friendly and safe.

• Saves Energy

A curved electric fireplace may run by using electricity, it is much energy-efficient. It can save energy and keep your bills lower.

Furthermore, the cost of wood is much higher than the electricity bill. Therefore, it saves both energy and cost.         

• Wide Number of Designs

Many homeowners like to design their houses on a theme based or according to their preferences. In that case, curved electric fireplaces will provide you the scope to choose one from their vast number of designs. 

Thus, your interior design will have life by getting a matching designed fireplace.          

• Lifespan

The lifespan of a curved electric fireplace is certainly worth appreciating. You can enjoy the fireplace for up to 20 years. Many will say that it is not so efficient in longevity.

But, we found it proficient as it does not have the chance of getting rust or corrosion. Thus, even their elegant look does not change.             

• Affordability

In the case of affordability, a curved electric fireplace will cost you almost like other fireplaces. The bright side is, curved electric fireplaces have a wide range of diverse models.

These models will offer you to choose a fireplace matching your budget. Isn’t it a great help?     

• Easy Installation

The installation process of a curved electric fireplace is much easier and you can do it by yourself. Like other fireplaces, it does not require any expert to set it up.

You will be able to do it right after unboxing the fireplace. Not even a person is needed to help you out. Your task is to set it in place and connecting to an electric plug.           

• Maintenance

You will be glad to know that a curved electric fireplace does not require regular maintenance. It performs so well even in low maintenance as it does not use wood for creating fire.

Since it uses electric power to heat the surrounding, there remains no dust or smoke inside it. Also, the absence of chimneys leads to lower maintenance possibilities.             

What to Look Smartly for in a Curved Electric Fireplace?   

Aren’t you already loving a curved electric fireplace?

We guess so! This fireplace is fraught with so many advantages that anyone will fall in love with it. No wonder, you even want to get one for your house.

From hundreds of options, you won’t be able to select the best one easily. To reach the best one, you have to apply some methods to find out its efficiency.

Therefore, our expertise has come up with a few qualities that you should look for in the fireplace. So, let’s dive into these niceties.                   

1. Size

Size is the most influential factor in choosing the fireplace. If you make a mistake and get the wrong size, it won’t fit your prepared location.

We suggest measuring the location that you prepared and matching the size with the fireplace. Select the fireplace that can fit the place properly.               

2. Flames

Selecting the flames color and appearance is essential to combine them with your rooms. Most common colors are yellow, orange, and blue. So, make your choice.

Moreover, we recommend you also set the appearance of the ember beds. You can set between rock, glass, coal, and logs.       

3. Heater

Most of the curved electric fireplaces include heaters in their units. It delivers both flame and heat at the same time. Thus, you won’t have to buy a separate heater for the fireplace.

But, in case your requirement regarding the heater is higher, thermostatic heat control fireplaces will help you. Well, even these are curved electric fireplaces.           

4. Power Supply

The method of supplying power to the fireplace can vary according to your choice. Some fireplaces also have their preference of power supply system.

If you want to plug it directly to a socket, look for a fireplace compatible with it. If the prepared location has a particular outlet, the fireplace model may change. Thus, make sure you take off this section carefully.                 

5. Spare Components 

Spare components include a remote, some lights and a few other units that help in installing the curved electric fireplace. The remote can be of two types – one can control the heating system and the other can control the whole system.

Therefore, while purchasing the fireplace, look for these spare components and the remote you want. Moreover, the lights will add an excellent look around the fireplace.           

6. Longevity

Not all curved electric fireplaces will ensure longevity due to differences in quality and materials. As a result, you need to make sure the fireplace you choose has a longer lifespan.

You can check its quality, materials, power of avoiding damages, etc. Check them twice to avoid any mistakes. A curved electric fireplace with an appreciative longevity is preferred.                   

How to Decorate a Curved Fireplace?

To decorate a curved fireplace, you can try out different ways like beautiful hang quilts, framing a painting, or hanging smaller objects and accessories. All these are great ideas and will upgrade the look of your house.

If you are thinking of hanging rugs or quilts, you can tie dye them to give a new artistic look. You can also have an embroidered lovely fabric contrasting to an elegant fireplace. Use your imagination power, honey.

On the other hand, framed painting is another creative idea you can try today. Unleash your fantasies, and brush off the favorite painting that you have in your mind. Indeed, you will come up with something brilliant.

Hanging lamps, showpieces, and architectural carving is another way to redecorate your room. You know home decor follows no rules. You’re welcome to try anything.

How Big of a Room will an Electric Fireplace Heat?

It totally depends on the quality of the electric fireplace as well as its power. Typically, they have the ability to heat up to 1000 square feet maximum.

As you know, the power of the forced heater is many times less, and it does not possess the capacity to heat larger rooms. Expecting it to be around 400 square feet would be fair enough.

Alternatively, if you have a more impressive quality fireplace with infrared quartz, you are lucky, friend. They are the ones with whom the market boasts of covering 1000 square feet.

Can You Put an Electric Fireplace Anywhere?

Apart from wood fireplaces, electric ones have a lot of flexibility. As you don’t have to think of venting and fueling, you can literally plug it anywhere.

But do remember to place it near the outlet. Otherwise, it would not be very advantageous, we guess.

Another trendy idea to put a fireplace is by hanging it on the wall. For this reason, there are specific wall-mount fireplaces available in the market that are suitable for this.

So, you can try these out and place the electric fireplace literally anywhere that you want.

Final Thoughts

This is all for today. With this, we believe you have an objective glance at the best curved electric fireplaces on the market.

Don’t worry. You will find the one from the above list. Take help from the highlighting features, and you will surely land on something perfect for your home.

So, we are signing off today. Have a warm weekend. Good luck, champ!