Best Fireplace Blower 2022 – Enhance the Fireplace Power!

Tired of blower noise! Urg! We, too, are. It seems likes fireplaces mean noise and noise!

Well, don’t decide too early, friend. We think you don’t have met the best fireplace blowers yet.

They are enchanting..the magic your life seeks. But how to know your match in the crowds of countless blowers?

best fireplace blower

We know it is challenging. But how about we guide you through this? Yes, we are here with the well-rounded list of chart-topping, best fireplace blowers on the market. Plus, we tried to highlight everything that would help you choose the one.

Are you excited? Jump right in with us for more info.

How to Choose a Fireplace Blower?

Choosing a fireplace blower is finding a needle in the straw pile. It is utterly impossible. But with a simple buying guide, you can surely ace it.

Yes, don’t panic. All you need is simple guidelines and factors that you need to follow in order to find the best fireplace blower.

Here it goes!


We often don’t count this. And that’s a terrible mistake. Material is what decides the durability and the sturdiness of the product. Thus, without being 100% sure about it, don’t rush.

Energy Efficiency

Some blowers required a vast amount of power to run, resulting in hefty bills. However, an energy-efficient blower will surely turn the table for you, friend.

Shape and Size

The shape and the size of the fan matter a lot. If you are someone looking for more excellent airflow, don’t compromise. Use a fan of 5 to 6 inches in diameter. Otherwise, stick to 3 to 4 inches.

Adjustable Thermostat

With the flexible thermostat and variable speed controlling system, the blower can be a real blessing for you. Look for it instantly and choose the one accordingly.


Do not ever try something that is going to cost you more time. Your time matters. Therefore, having an easy installing blower can be life-saving. Do not rely on others.

So, get set, go, and meet our fabulous products, buddy.

1. GFK4 GFK4A FK4 High Air Flow Fireplace Blower

fireplaceblowersonline high air flow fireplace blower
  • Energy-efficient and power-saving abilities
  • Sound reduction system
  • Effective ball bearing for balance
  • A whole kit of blower
  • Assembled and wired beforehand

Drums roll! Meet our industry-wreaking product – Fireplace Blower Online Kit. Being a common name for decades, this family business has never disappointed customers with its secret recipe.

Assembled, tested, and packaged, this product is the ultimate analogy of 100% performance. From superior bearing construction and sound reduction to enhanced airflow, this blower has everything you can ask for.

A sound sleep with no noise is what the Fireplace Blower Online assures. Thanks to the padding that works effectively to reduce the noise. This is the way to our hearts!

Do you think it is only a blower? Nope, honey. It comes with the whole kit of blower accessories that you might need. Namely, they are a ball bearing blower, a rheostat for speed control, a thermostat, mounting strips, and padding.

All these are so much to ask for. And getting them all in one go seems so pleasing, right?

How about if we say there’s more for you?

Definitely. Pre-assemble and wired are such a blessing. It makes the whole installation a piece of cake. Plus, it makes it an extremely DIY-friendly task. You should totally love it for this.

2. Fireplace Blower Kit for Heat & GLO, Majestic – Hearth & Home and Quadra-Fire

fireplace blower kit for all
  • Automated power activations for heat sensors
  • Perfectly engineered bearing motor
  • Easy to install and have a detailed instruction
  • Manufacturer’s warranty available for 1 year
  • Controlled airflow using variable speed controllers

Now, let’s move to the second wondrous product. It is also one of the best fireplace blowers of all time. Meet My Fireplace Blower Quadra Fire. We guarantee you are gonna love it.

Similar to the previous one, this blower will not make you sad. For this, it comes with a well-prepared, large kit, which has everything from top to bottom.

Moreover, it comes with a sealed bearing ball. This is the merit of the controlled movement and quietness. Yes, with this, we can have your moment any time.

Apart from all these nicks and cracks, this blower has some unique features. Wanna know?

First of all, it has a brilliant power button with a variable speed engine. This wholesome facet makes it easier to control the airflow. What a relief!

And then, there come the heat sensing methods. You heard it right, friend! The power activation skills act as heat sensors for this blower.

Besides, there is a year of warranty for better service and totally instructed procedure for your ease. It is not something you should miss, dear.

3. Durablow MFB 160B GFK-160 Fireplace Blower

durablow mfb 160b fireplace blower
  • Noise reduction padding and improvised structure
  • Upgraded performance
  • Fan blades engineered for less vibration
  • Compatible with an array of fireplaces
  • Instructional and user-friendly

Being a proficient brand with multi-national blowers, Durablow deserves more than just appreciation. It has its product engineered with such awesomeness that it entices the customer base. So, what’s its speciality?

With its durable performance, Durablow has one excellent plus point. It is compatible and totally suitable with various fireplaces. Taping on the website, you’ll see a long list of brands. Indeed, this does make work easier.

Additionally, their 20 years of professional experience in the HVAC industry helped them model this blower kit’s spectacular success. As a result, their comeback with exceptional noise control is something we all expected.

Yes, we are lying, buddy. The noise reduction is upgraded with various ingenious methods. Not only does the improved structure lowers the sound, but also the fan is built to make less vibration.

Who does all that? Literally no one.

Along with all these exemplary features, Durablow has an extensive kit having more than 20 types of accessories. With simple motors and paddings, it also has a rheostat and thermostat for extra-satisfying performance.

Too many things make you confused? Well, don’t worry. There is also detailed instruction for you. We are sure you’ll be good to go.

4. Mr. KAN GFk-160 Fireplace Blower

mr kan gfk 160 fireplace blower
  • Sealed ball bearing motor with 120 V
  • Effective airflow and ventilation
  • Various parts included
  • Sound-proof performance
  • Robust and durable

Want to make your useless fireplace insert helpful? Go with this one. Perfectly fit and fine with this small space, you’ll see how amazing this product can serve you in winter.

This blower doesn’t come alone. It has a bunch of other parts, including power cords, a thermostat, a motor, and speed control. All these works adeptly to give you the perfect pleasure.

No wonder this is the best fireplace blower with its powerful airflow with supreme efficacy. We are totally head over heels for it. Don’t you?

Furthermore, of course, it has the proper ventilation process. The airflow will be a total mess if you don’t have this purpose. Thus, we appreciate that Mr Kan thinks of it.

And what about noise? The product does this with the most magnificence. With its quietest motors, get ready to hear the deafening silence that it brings.

Also, it saves your energy and monthly bills. Over 90% efficiency, Mr Kan seems a reliable, trustworthy, and credible brand that we all could rely on.

5. AC Infinity AIRBLAZE T12 Universal Fireplace Blower

ac infinity airblaze t12
  • Increases the fireplace heating output
  • Quiet performance with heavy-duty body
  • Smart control for fan movement
  • Assembled and enables the user to plug and play
  • Withstand high pressure and temperature

Last but not least, we have another revolutionary product for the entire market. Let’s welcome the AC Infinity Universal Fireplace Blower Kit. This product is the real representation of innovation. Let us explain.

Except for being the quietest, it has several other exclusions in its performance. Designed to boost the airflow, you can install it anywhere. Whether it is underneath the floor or the compartments, it doesn’t matter, friend.

As the system draws the cool air from the bottom and vents it towards the top, it has the flexibility in universal installations. Again, it also works perfectly with several brands like Lennox, Hearth Glo, Majestic, and many more.

Ever say some smart blower? Well, we know that’s a rare beauty. Guess what? AC Infinity has it too.

With an automated humidity and temperature check-up, you can control the fan’s speed as you wish. You can adjust it to custom speeds, and it is also ready to give your alarms and warning. Impressive!

And, don’t ask about the body. Dude, it is perfectly made. With a combination of aluminum and silicon, not only the body retains its vigor for a long time, but it also lowers the noise outrages.

Therefore, we highly recommend this product. This appealing blower, indeed, is worth a shot.

Where Do You Put a Fireplace Blower?

Fireplace blowers are often suitable for all types of fireplaces. Though they must be compatible most of the time, they can usually be installed on all kinds of machines. Make sure to have them from a certified brand.

They can be mounted to the fireplace unit’s exterior and interior parts. But, they are always kept outside the firebox, which is normal. You can also center it in the middle of the unit.

This simple thing helps the airflow and the HVAC mechanisms. Without any doubt, this helps to retain the hot air inside the room for a longer time.

How to Add a Blower to an Existing Fireplace?

Yes, it is customary to add a blower to an existing fireplace. Instead, it has pretty practical benefits to do that. These are the circulation of the warm air and forcing the warm air out.

To install the blower, you must first unscrew the fireplace carefully. There most probably, you’ll meet the old blower. It’s time to remove it.

Otherwise, you can prepare the electrical wiring of the blower and fireplace. Don’t forget to vacuum the place carefully. This will save you from sudden, dangerous electrocution.

Lastly, connect the wires together appropriately. Install the motor and power it on. Hopefully, you will get the blower installed perfectly.

Are Fireplace Blowers Worth the Money?

Fireplace blowers are a necessity. They have a plethora of benefits that can’t even be counted by hand.

One of the most prominent ones is how they increase the fan’s efficiency. You will be awed to see the performance and the breath of warm air that circulates through the whole room.

Again, there are other benefits, like lower noise pollution. A blower has the capacity to reduce the sound of the fan and make the whole experience appealing to you.

From reasonable prices to intelligent controls, it has gathered many fan bases. You must try it at once.

Final Thoughts

Hat’s off! We’ve done it! Now, there’s no confusion about the best fireplace blower on the market.

You can look at the products from our list and share your real-life experience with us. How fun would that be?

Why wait? Try one out and enjoy your cold days with a puff of warmth. Good luck!