Best Plastic Shed Base 2022 – Today’s Top Foundation Base!

We all have shed in our gardens, don’t we? Why not! They are super-useful. Seems like one shed is never enough at all. Building newer ones are always necessary. But, having a shed is far more than just a DIY project.

Wait! Aren’t we missing the most important part? The shed base is what matters most. A shed base not only changes the look of your shed but also minimizes your effort.

best plastic shed base

All our dreams can be true if we knew how to choose the best plastic shed base.

Depending on the quality, function, and cost, you can easily choose one of the best plastic shed bases. Also, maintenance and installation are important aspects that are often neglected. A combination of these five factors can change the entire shed base for you.

As you can see there are several facets behind this simple decision, you need to have a clear idea about plastic shed bases.

We’re here to feed you with these knowledge tablets… Jump right now to the details.

How to Choose Plastic Shed Base?

Don’t rush to the conclusion. You must decide what you wanna choose. Instead of barking up the wrong tree, scrutinize the factors that are most crucial before choosing any plastic shed base.

We know this is a confusing thing; but why worry, when we are covering the whole section for you. Let’s move step by step to the points that you should consider before choosing a plastic shed base.

  • Quality: Quality, obviously, matters more than the price tag. Hence having a plastic sheet base of the best quality can make your world revolve.

  • Function: Of course, shed bases have specific functions. If your shed base is not sufficiently functional, the whole work may be a lot messier than you can even imagine.

  • Cost: Price is the top deciding factor for many of us. Dear, it’s not weird, rather it is pretty normal to think like that. And there are myriads of plastic shed bases with affordable price ranges. Landing your hands over them would be the best thing you can do.

  • Maintenance: Thinking of price and quality is okay, but what about maintenance? If your shed base needs a lot of maintenance and repairing day to day it will not be a good investment. So note this down as it is also an exceptionally important factor.

  • Installation: No one wants the sweaty work! Ever wonder how a plastic shed base can change your whole experience of the installation. Well, it does. Keeping a closer eye on these revealing hidden factors you will too know the difference.

What are the Best Plastic Shed Bases?

Without stumbling here and there, how fun it would be if you can get all those things in one place. Okay, let’s make your fantasy come true!

To do so, we have prepared a well-researched segment on the best plastic shed bases for your favorite garden. So follow down, here goes the list.

1. Truegrid Pro Lite Permeable Pavers Shed Base

truegrid pro lite
  • Adapted to every weather and climate
  • Sturdy construction to withstand high pressure
  • Multi-functional and versatile uses
  • Installation needs no professional help
  • Provided lifetime performance with minimum maintenance

Introducing one of the top-performing shed bases of the industry – Truegrid Pro Lite. Formerly known as ECO, the product had 500+ positive customer ratings and a 100% score on the consumer satisfaction index.

The tremendous success is not surprising when it offers some actual astounding features. Simply put, there are a hefty number of reasons for this having a crown.  Come let’s find out.

The fact that it has caught the eyes of hungry consumers is relying only on one thing. It is multi-usable. Yes, and it has no doubts. From driveways, shed bases, and patios to biking, dog run, and pool skirts the list goes on and on.

Speaking of its use, it is not a bit tricky like your calculus class in maths. Rather, we must say it’s a cakewalk. The lightweight pavers made the long, tiring installation process easier. However, even if you find yourself stuck, the detailed manual is waiting to help you.

Additionally, the product is known for providing the most durable finishing. Yeah, and wanna know what takes it to next level? Its tremendous performance and adaptability in all weather and all soil.

Lastly, without requiring any major maintenance, it can serve you for ages after ages. No more muds, puddles, potholes, and no more spending your entire Sunday for these works.

This product is perfect for beginners and people with busy schedules. Guys, if you want the best thing with minimum effort and pain, try this out today.


  • Easy to use
  • Value for the money
  • Robust material
  • Enhanced design


  • Less than 24 sq. ft
  • Bit expensive

2. Standartpark Vodaland Easy Pave Shed Base Grid

standartpart easy pave shed base
  • Significantly modified design according to its uses
  • Flex patent to ensure work in an inclined plane
  • The slide and lock system prevents accidental unlocking
  • Made up of durable materials
  • Environment-friendly and biodegradable

Secondly, meet Standartpart Easy Pave Shed Base, one of the glorious names of this industry. We can unhesitantly call it the killer product of this list for its features.

First thing first, its exclusive design will make you weak in your knees right now. And the bonus is how this design makes it flex patent and thus ensures its adaptability to an inclined plane you throw it in.

Next, all would be vain, if we don’t talk about its dumbfounding slide and lock technology. This not only prevents unlocking after installation but also vanishes worry from every corner of your head.

Now, don’t worry about durability. Because, honey, is perfectly durable. Interestingly, it has a hulk-power to withstand any heavy load. May it be heavy as a truck loaded with steel or a spaceship from NASA it has your back.

Regardless of all of these valuable topics the list with the third position features, its specialty lies in some other innovative measures. Ever heard of any shed allowing lateral water movement? Well, now you will. With the motive to prevent soil erosion, this technology is distinctively designed.

From beginner-friendly to budget-friendly and then to environment-friendly, it has all you can ever ask for.


  • Adapted and well design
  • Sturdy
  • No concrete pads required
  • Innovative lock tech


  • Suitable for driveways
  • Less detailed instruction

3. Truegrid Pro Plus 250,000+ lb Load Shed Base

truegrid pro plus shed base
  • Ability to withstand heavy weight up to 250,000 lb
  • Constructed with complete recycled HDPE product
  • A 3-point locking system makes installation faster
  • Thick cylindrical walls which provide strength
  • Permeable to resist any extreme weather condition

Topping the list with the third position, Truegrid has another effectively functional shed base that seems to give a cut-throat competition to the rivals. Though it looks like the replication of the first product, it has some disparities which make it more alluring for us.

To begin with its specs, it has a depth of 1.8 inches with the power to withstand 250,000 lb. It may sound like a joke but we are not kidding bro. As you can see the numbers, this proves who is the

the strongest base with patented joints.

Made with 100% recycled HDPE product, these paver grids are also vigorously permeable with the power to overcome any climate conditions. The grids are protected in snow and also drain rapidly.

Except for these things, other patented features will turn your world upside down. One of thes3-pointe 3-point locking tab systems. This makes the whole installation process a click and snap. Imagine how fast installation would be!!

Along with the flexibility of installation and maintenance, you are also getting thick wall cells for your paver grids. Cylindrical cells help greatly to obtain huge strength per square to serve you for the next 60 years unharmed.

Wondering how it’s possible? Dude, we can say because we have proven experience. You can check it out too by adding it to your shopping cart.


  • Can stand every weather
  • Heavy duty
  • Faster installation
  • Patented flex joints


  • Not suitable for inclined plane

4. Vodaland Multi-functional Paver Grid Shed Base

vodaland multi functional shed base
  • An excessively DIY-friendly product
  • 22 units of snap and lock tech help stable installation
  • Works well with all types of bases
  • Made of robust materials

Another worthwhile product from Vodaland acquires the fourth position among thousands of other shed bases. It sure does have some charisma.  If you’re looking forward to making something that needs no professional, then this DIY-friendly product is your call.

With the 22 units of snap and lock technology, the 65 square feet packages are the best thing to invest in. Is made up of 100% recycled polymer which makes it both useful and environment-loving.

Again, friends who are planning to build shed bases on their own in small pea gravel, this is the perfect grid for you. With the stable installation and perfect structure, this can be a great paver base.

It is multi-functional and these need no introduction. The name says it all. Starting from the shed bases to RV pads and walkways to light driveways everything can be made of these perfectly-sized grids.

Wait, It has some extra features like your extra-size burger has some patties. Just kidding! But the features are real.

And that is nothing other than its durability and keen choice of material. The manufacturer thought of you, and that has no doubt.


  • Fast Installation
  • Suitable for all bases
  • Safe materials
  • Powerful and heavy duty


  • Grids not square
  • Moderate strong tabs

5. Yard Saver Shed Base Grids

yard saver shed base grid
  • Suitable for a high-traffic area
  • Grids of 4.84 lb can hold large stress
  • Easy installation with the help of the detailed manual
  • Durable material ensures longtime performance
  • An innovative installation that prevents damage

And at last, here comes the final product of today. It is no one except the Yard Savers. They are not the brand you hear every day. Instead, it creates an essence for the lifetime.

Firstly, this grid is especially known for its exclusive materials. Thus, these materials not only protect you from any damage but are also totally suitable for high-traffic areas.

The installation process is also a piece of cake. From assembly to installation it only takes some mere minutes to get all the things done. Woohoo! Doesn’t it sound great!!

Furthermore, they are the main illustration of the power and capacity each gird can hold. For instance, the weight of 4.84 of each section has the potential to withhold any huge load in a blink of an eye.

In the end, I must agree that this product has some shortcomings compared to the previous four. Still, that doesn’t mean it does not have great things in store for you.

Trying it out could be a wonderful option if you are completely blank about shed bases. And we can fully assure you that.


  • High innovative technology
  • Durability
  • Swift installation


  • Small size available only

How to Prepare Ground for Install Plastic Shed Base?

Installing plastic shed bases can be baffling if you don’t know how to prepare the ground. To be honest our emails are stuffed with messages about these questions. A million-dollar question is yet unanswered.

We are gonna clear your confusion for good. So let’s talk about how to prepare the ground to install a plastic shed base.

To begin your work, start by measuring the length and width of the floor pieces. Screw it to the ground and start digging. Later, fill this hole with crushed stones and ensure its level before putting the board over it.

These are the abridged version of the simple six-step guide. Hold on to your seat belt and join us on this roller coaster of edutainment.

Step 1- Measuring the Length:

First, open the box that contains the floor pieces. Take them out and put them sideways in an organized manner. You don’t need to have several floor pieces. According to the size, you can use two or more floor pieces for your shed base.

Now is the action time. Measure the entire width and length of the floor. You can also use a tape measure to make your work easier.  Ahh, wait… Don’t forget to use inche’s tape.

Step 2- Hammer it Down:

The length and width aren’t going to do any good if you don’t measure the area. Thus measure the area of the yard where you want to install the floor pieces. We highly recommend choosing an area that is 4 to 6 inches wider than your floors.

Step 3- Dig the Base:

Get ready with your shovel. When you are done choosing the area now you have to dig it out. Don’t panic, you just need to dig 4 inches deep between four corners.

This process has a special significance.  Apart from removing all types of sod from the area, this also leaves the soil wall with a flat bottom.

Step 4- Fill With the Stones:

When you have completed digging, now is the time to fill it up. And to fill it, there is no good alternative than crushed stones. Try this out with a mix of stones of different sizes from 2 inches to 0.5 inches.

Don’t stop this until at least one inch of the soil line is visible. You can always use tampers to tamp down the stones. If you don’t have any tampers available right now you can always make one by attaching a small board and forming a shape of a ‘T’.

Step 5- Place Suitable Board:

Adjusting with your base length you have to place a longboard at the top of the crushed stones. Don’t worry about the length of the board, you can choose it from 8 feet to 10 feet according to your base size.

However, there should be no space between the stones and the board. No compromise with levelness.  If needed, put a level board on top of it to check. You can always add or remove stones if necessary for this.

Step 6- Double-check the Levelness:

It’s good to double-check before placing the board. Place the board between the stones to check its level.

This technique will be enough to ensure the level of the ground. Another pro tip – center the board taking a gap of 2 inches from each side.

And your ground is ready.

How will a Plastic Shed Base Benefit You? 

A plastic shed base is today’s first choice of many homeowners as it is proved more stronger. You must be thinking how plastic can make it sturdy. Well, that’s where the magic is. 

A plastic shed base is ready to provide you with plenty of benefits that are different from other shed bases. You will be convinced completely by going through the bright sides detailed below.

So, let us break them down for you.   

• Balanced Lightweight 

Like other traditional shed bases, a plastic shed base is not at all heavier. It comes in a balanced lightweight that anyone can carry effortlessly.

Though it is lightweight, it has the quality to bear the weight of things and distributes the weight very well.           

• Strong Foundation

Once you install the plastic shed base, you can feel its robustness. It becomes heavy-duty and handles heavier weights. Many users even express that it plays as strong as a concrete shed base.         

• Proper Ventilation

You may wonder why ventilation is needed. Ventilation from the underside helps to dry out the wet base timber. Without ventilation, it won’t dry out properly or take a long time.

Luckily, for using a grid pattern, a plastic shed base provides ventilation through the underside of the base.              

• Water Resistant

Water in concrete or wood puts us in problems like corrosion, concrete sweating, and rust. Fortunately, a plastic shed base is indifferent to them.

It does not hold water in itself as it can not absorb water. It eliminates the water completely and there remains no leaking issue.           

• Eco-friendly

Don’t be surprised, buddy. Without doubt, a plastic shed base uses recycled plastics and you can realize how significant the job is.

Most importantly, these plastics are ready to be recycled again when you may think of changing the base. They have no bad habit of rotting or spreading harmful chemicals. So, stay relaxed as it helps the environment.                       

• Lifespan

In the case of lifespan, a plastic shed base is a pro. Not only does it stay strong, it also protects the plastics from the sun. UV protection is the plastics specialty to save themselves. Moreover, it can last almost as long as other bases.          

• Easy Installation 

A plastic shed base is not fond of critical or time-consuming installation. It takes only a few hours to install the base and you won’t have to wait for it to dry out. Isn’t it super easy?          

• Budget Friendly 

You will be delighted to know that a plastic shed base is more budget-friendly than other bases. As it is easy to find and install, the cost remains lower.

Moreover, no expert is required to set it and you can perform the task by yourself. Thus, your worries regarding budget will be gone.          

5 Things to Maintain Before Installing a Plastic Shed Base    

Jumping into the installation without required preparation is not an ideal decision. The same goes for installing a plastic shed base. Yeah, you got us right. You need to make some preparations for setting it accurately.

Don’t worry, friend. These are super easy and take less time to execute. So, don’t delay anymore and get into them.              

1. A Much Leveled Location 

Though any type of location is okay for a plastic shed base, a much leveled location is preferred. It is because you won’t have to work hard in leveling it. So, look for a leveled or semi-leveled space for the base.       

2. Flooring 

Almost every shed base performs better if they have a suitable flooring. Before stepping in, try to find a flooring that is compatible with your plastic shed base. Otherwise, the base won’t set in place.            

3. Local Regulations

When you are planning to install a plastic shed base, confirm the local regulations regarding it. It is because the measurements can vary according to different states.

Moreover, from digging the soil to keeping distance, local regulations will help you effectively to avoid mistakes.             

4. Decorative Styles 

Some homeowners prefer different styles to decorate or build the shed as it adds elegance. In case you have an idea of how your shed will be, make the base matching with it. Otherwise, you may not be able to shape the shed later.     

5. Ensure Excess

Ensuring excess in each side of the shed base is indispensable to inspect it. You may need to reach its side near the wall, and it won’t happen without excess possibility.

That’s why before installing it, make sure you are keeping space around it to have excess effortlessly.            

What Do You Put Under a Plastic Shed Base?

Plastic shed bases need a proper foundation. For this, crushed stones and gravels have no alternative. Use them if you want your plastic shed to stay in one place firmly. This is the thing you should try out.

For preparing a base, you need an extensive area of 4-inch deep. Use a spade to dig the area faster and efficiently.

When done, you can pour all the crushed stones and distribute them equally to every part using the garden rake. After that, tamp the rocks with the tamper to make them level and firm.

With these simple ways, you can make the foundation for your plastic shed. Relatively easy and fun, and you can try this too for your garden.

Install a Plastic Shed Base in 4 Steps

Installing a plastic shed base is not as tough as we assume. No wonder, many of us think placing it is not a cup of tea. But, we are assuring you that reading the detailed steps you will be sure to do it by yourself.

The task will be successfully completed if you ensure following the steps properly. So, scroll down to learn them.               

Step 1: Collect Necessary Tools 

Collecting the necessary tools before starting will assist you to install the shed without any interference. Otherwise, you may need to get them again and again.

Therefore, collect a shovel, hoe, weed barrier or membrane, and gravel. These are the most common tools used in installing the shed.           

Step 2: Prepare The Location

For preparing the location, clean the area thoroughly including the grass on the soil. Now, take the shovel and hoe to deep clean the space.

Using them, try to level the ground by leveling the peak of soil. In this case, you have to work a bit hard.     

Step 3: Place The Grid

First, we recommend placing the weed barrier or membrane to stop grass from growing. So, place it accurately on your selected area.

Then, take a part of the grid and place it on the ground strongly. Don’t do mix ups and follow a row. While setting the tabs, be more careful. Finish the grid installation in this way.        

Step 4: Set Gravel

Make sure your grid is set strongly to put gravel on it. Do not hurry while putting the gravel and use the hoe to reach them in each corner of the grid. Stop putting them when they reach the surface.

Now, snap a few anchors to make the grid solid to the ground. When it is done, your task is completed. Hopefully, you have installed the plastic shed base successfully.       

Are Our Plastic Shed Bases Good?

Answer: Plastic shed bases are undoubtedly the best. They are affordable, functional, and easy to maintain. Without any doubt, there are no better alternatives than this.

Do Plastic Sheds Get Damp?

Answer: Sadly, plastic sheds often get damp due to the moisture from the soil. But, the best part is that we can easily stop the damping by placing a barrier between the ground and the shed floor

Can You Put a Plastic Shed on the Grass?

Answer: A common myth is that plastic shed cannot be put on the grass. Regardless, we don’t believe this. To be more accurate you can put plastic sheds on the grass if they are well made, heavy, and of the best quality

Do You Need Gravel in the Plastic Shed Base?

Answer: No, there is no rule which states you must have gravel in the plastic shed base. Instead, we believe this would keep you on the safe side as you can use its over-the-top feature which might come in handy in the future.

Final Thoughts

And with this, the clock tick-tocks to the end hour. Thanks for tuning in with us for such a long time. We appreciate your patience and effort to reach so far.

We ardently hope that this article might prove helpful to your friends. See, now you know the best plastic shed bases that are lurking here and there in the markets. Don’t forget to check them out and suggest to your friend and family their exclusive features.

So, buddy, see you next time.  Good luck with your new expedition. Bye-Bye.