Electric Fireplace Not Blowing Heat in 2022? [Reasons + Solutions]

Talking about an electric fireplace reminds us of its immense importance during winter times. But we get worried promptly when it does not produce heat after turning it on Sounds familiar! Is this same with your fireplace?

So, why is an electric fireplace not blowing heat?   

Most often this happens because of lower temperature, restarting issue, blocked air outlet or inlet, disconnected heating part and faulty heat blower. Moreover low and high switches not turned on, loose wiring connection, a flame not working, damaged bulbs, and faulty circuit breaker are also some of the technical issues.     

electric fireplace not blowing heat

To solve your problems, we choose to discuss that in details. Wanna know?   

Follow the article to solve to know more.                 

10 Reasons behind Electric Fireplace Not Blowing Heat with Fixing Methods             

Knowing the reasons is the first step to solving a problem successfully. The same goes for an electric fireplace heating issue.

Therefore, we are presenting the reasons below that cause an electric fireplace not to blow heat. Why not go through them once?  


Reason 1: Lower Temperature 

An electric fireplace does not blow heat if the temperature is set lower. Its temperature should be set much higher than the room temperature.

Moreover, an electric fireplace takes time to blow proper heat. So, act accordingly.

Solution: Apply Higher Temperature

Check the temperature of the electric fireplace in the thermostat to be sure. If you doubt prove true, set it 5 to 7 degrees more above the room temperature.       

Then, wait for 10 to 15 minutes to let the fireplace blow hot. You will surely get the required temperature.     

Reason 2: Restarting Issue 

We already know that restarting or resetting is sometimes essential for electrical appliances. An electric fireplace also needs to reset all its programs and start afresh.

That’s why, when we do not let the fireplace restart, it does not work properly. As a result, this is normal to see them not blowing heat properly and continuously.

Solution: Reset the Fireplace   

To solve this issue, we just need to reset the fireplace. As simple as that!

Starting by turning off the fireplace switch, and then disconnecting it from the electric plug is what you need to do. At this moment, if we plug it back in again, it won’t restart properly.

So, wait for 5 to 10 minutes before connecting the fireplace again to the electric plug. By turning it on, you can enjoy its warm heat.          

Reason 3: Blocked Air Outlet or Inlet 

The air inlet and outlet are very important for an electric fireplace to blow heat properly. But they are easily attacked by dust, dirt, or debris and get blocked.

If you have a pet, the situation might get even worse. The outcome is sheer loss of heat from your favorite blower.

Solution: Replace or Clean Them

Cleaning the air inlet and outlet unit can solve the problem. When these will be free from blockage, they will work like before. Thus, we recommend you clean these units twice or thrice a year.

In case you find these units damaged or cracked, replacing them is the best option.       

Reason 4: Disconnected Heating Part 

Most often we make silly mistakes which creates a bigger mess. Such a thing can also happen with an electric fireplace.

We may disconnect the heating unit by unplugging it. Again, anyone can turn off the switch without knowing it. As a result, the fireplace does not blow heat and we shiver in the cold.          

Solution: Switch It On

However, its solution is easier than the problem. All you need to do is check if the heating unit cord is plugged into the electric socket.

Then, turn on the switch if it is off. This is one of the easiest solutions to fix the heating issue. Don’t panic without knowing.           

Reason 5: Faulty or Damaged Heat Blower 

An electric fireplace can have a faulty or damaged heat blower. When the heater blower is harmed, it may stop working.

At first, it will serve you by blowing less heat. Gradually then, it will stop blowing heat and turn into a useless heap.    

Solution: Repair or Replace It

Fixing the heat blower is not an easy task. If you check the heat blower, you can find the problem if it is damaged or can be fixed.

If repairing fixes it, do it without further delay. If the fireplace needs a new blower, we recommend the best fireplace blower to be secure and to save you from greater troubles.   

Reason 6: Switches Not Turned On

If you have an old electric fireplace, you may find this one familiar. It happens if the fireplace carries two switches for low and high heat.

When you do not turn on these two switches at a time, your fireplace won’t blow heat. A silly mistake but can cause you a great deal of tension.        

Solution: Turn Them on At a Time

You need to turn on one of the switches first and then turn on the second one.

For example, first, switch on the low heat one. Then, turn on the high-heat one. Thus, your fireplace will blow heat more efficiently than you imagine.    

Reason 7: Loose Wiring Connection 

Loose wiring connections can happen to any electrical appliances and sometimes damage them. 

Due to a loose wiring connection, your fireplace won’t be able to serve you fully. It will have malfunctions in blowing heat.       

Solution: Fix the Connection 

Inspecting the wire connections regularly can avoid such a situation. It is also helpful as the loose connection can be dangerous to the fireplace.

If you find any loose wiring connection, fix it immediately. Replace the wires if the situation is worse. Finally, your fireplace will surely blow heat.                

Reason 8: Flame Not Working

Another reason for shortage of heat can be the flame is not working. You may notice flame in the fireplace but no heat is produced from it.

Moreover, it can be caused due to the knob in the fireplace. If its range is placed to a lower set point, it won’t let the flame produce heat.   

Solution: Check the Internal Units   

If such a problem arises, you need to check the internal units. You need to use the user manual to detect the problem.

If you find any issue in any internal units, repairing or replacing them will ease the problem. Again, refer to the user manual for further assistance.   

Reason 9: Damaged Bulbs

The bulbs placed in the fireplace can be damaged due to overheating or any other reason. Also, they can be burnt after a period.

As they are an important part of the fireplace, the blower will not produce heat. It means, damaged bulbs prevent the blower from producing heat.           

Solution: Replace the Bulbs

When the bulbs are burnt or damaged, they need to be replaced with new ones.

In the case of bulbs, repairing may not work. So, get the best bulbs for the electric fireplace and enjoy the heat; better save than sorry.    

Reason 10: Faulty Circuit Breaker   

We can not deny the importance of a circuit breaker for an electric fireplace. But a problem arises when the circuit breaker stops working.

Sometimes due to a faulty circuit breaker, the fireplace does not get proper energy to blow heat. Thus, we do not get heat to warm ourselves.               

Solution: Check It Carefully

If the circuit breaker is carrying more than one electrical appliance, it can not perform properly. So, use a separate circuit breaker for the fireplace.

When the circuit breaker is faulty, get a new one matched with your fireplace. Plug it into the fireplace thoroughly to avoid mistakes. And it’s good to go.        


Why am I Getting Cold Air from the Electric Fireplace?  

Answer: You are getting cold air from the electric fireplace due to the malfunctioning of the manual reset. Or  maybe it has turned on the fan. As a result, a much lower temperature is caused in the thermostat and you are getting cold air.         

What Causes the Fire Flames Not to Work? 

Answer: When the circuit breaker is damaged, broken, or unable to serve like before, it causes the fire flames not to work. Also, cable loose connections can create an issue.     

How to Know if I Can Change the Heating System of my Electric Fireplace?     

Answer: The model of your electric fireplace will decide if you can change the heating system or not. Sometimes, the user manual may cover the information. Otherwise, asking the company will help.           

Final Thoughts     

In the shivering cold, we all want cozy heat. However, when the electric fireplace is not blowing heat it really seems disappointing.     

To ease your pain, here we covered the its reasons and solutions. We hope this will help you to get rid this problems.

So, don’t wait and try this steps. Have a warm good night. Goodbye!