Why Fireplace Door Won’t Close in 2022? [Reasons + Solutions]

Having a fireplace with a door is considered safer and more convenient to use. What if it doesn’t closes? it’s the moment when the hells break loose! A sheer disappointment!

So, why fireplace door won’t close?  

It may not close due to several reasons. Major one from them is the damaged door, loose hinges, door gasket, dirt and debris, door latch, and loose door frame.

why fireplace door won't close

But, it would be great if we can know more about this issue, right? Well, we knew. That’s why we present the detailed segment for you below.

Don’t waste any time, and have a ride to this.

Reasons Behind Fireplace Door Won’t Close and Solutions   

When you are unable to close the fireplace door, there can be several reasons behind it. To fix them, at first you need to have a clear, concise idea about them.

How about highlight them one by one.

Reason 1: Damaged Door

A fireplace door can be damaged by carelessness or due to its less efficiency. It may be the sign of the dying periods of the door.

If the door is damaged itself, how can it be closed? Won’t it create issue? Of course it will.            

Solution: Fix the Door

To fix the door, first, you need to inspect every part of the door. It will lead you to the damaged part.

If that part can be fixed, do it without any delay. If not, then replacing the door is the only way. We know an open fireplace is not safe for the house. Neglecting these may ruin your lives!

Reason 2: Loose Hinges

Hinges are quite responsible for a door not closing. The hinges can be loosened as the door has been in use.

If the hinges aren’t properly checked, it can create problems.

Solution: Tighten Them

While checking the hinges, if you find them loosen, tight them with a screw. In most cases it will solve the issue.

If the hinges are worn out, sadly, you need to replace them. After taking the hinges out, place the new hinges and tighten them with a screw. We recommend longer hinges as they last longer.    

Reason 3: Door Gasket

We know that a door gasket is essential to maintain the proper airflow. But the door gasket may fail to serve like before.

When it grows older, it can not work like before. Moreover, it can wear out due to any carelessness. And the result is nothing but an unclosed door.

Solution: Replace It

If the gasket of your fireplace door is old, we recommend you change it immediately.

Also, when the gasket is worn out, replacing it is the best solution. Then, you can close the fireplace door easily. What a relief !

Reason 4: Dirt and Debris

Are you shocked to see this reason? Unfortunately, dirt and debris can be the primary issues in closing the door.  

After being untidy for a long time, the door will not close easily. Isn’t it obvious?

Solution: Clean the Door

The solution is simple – clean it. You can clean the door by burning wood to remove the hard stains on the door. Use vinegar and water together to clean it thoroughly.

In case these do not work, get a heavy-duty cleaner. It will clean the fireplace door like a brand new one.   

Reason 5: Door Latch

Also, the door latch can prevent the door from closing. When it is not placed on the right point, it won’t seal the door tightly as expected.

As a result, when you close the door, it will not stay there. So, what’s the solution?

Solution: Check the Connecting Pin

Well, checking the connecting pin will help in finding if the door latch is okay or not.

If you find it moved from the place, you need to fix the connecting pin. The user manual will lead you to operate this task. Otherwise, you can move to the next reason.     

Reason 6: Loose Door Frame 

The fireplace door frame can get loose with time. It can happen anytime and cause problems in closing the door. Don’t panic, it is a normal phenomenon.

As this happens, you may feel the loose door frame when you try to close the door.

Solution: Tighten It           

If the door frame is loose, first take a screwdriver. Next, tighten the screws carefully and check if any of them is broken.

Replace the broken screws with new ones. Also, you can take out the old screws and place new ones. Finally, the fireplace door is set to close.     

Why Do You Need a New Fireplace Door?

For a save and secure life, fireplace doors have no alternative. How much essential it is cannot be explained in words. From ensuring safety to fashionable outlook it has got all what you need.

A damaged fireplace door will cost you more in repairing and make you suffer with the closing problems. Not only these, but the fire flame or sparks can also come outside the fireplace and harm anyone.

So, for saving money and securing your house, getting a new fireplace door is essential. 

Also, a broken or damaged fireplace door won’t look good in the room. It will keep opening whenever you try to close it. Embarrassing in front of guests, right?

A new door will multiply the heat production in the fireplace. Moreover, it will keep your room and fireplace surroundings neat and clean. It won’t let the smokey smell come outside the fireplace.

As a result, all your problems with a damaged door will be solved by installing a new fireplace door.  Great!                         

How to Install a New Fireplace Door? 

As we said, if your fireplace door is damaged, you need to replace it. The process of installing a new fireplace is quite easy and you can do it yourself. However, sometimes misleading info can mess things up.

So, how to install a new fireplace door?  

First, you need to get a new door. Afterwards, set lintel clamps, screw holes marking and drill the marked points. Later on,  put anchors to set the door, and check everything necessary.

Believe us, the steps are not even overwhelming. Let us guide you through the main part.

Step 1: Get A New Door

First, you need to get a new door suitable for your fireplace. Do not make mistakes in choosing a suitable door.

Among the several brands out there, it might be confusing to find the perfect one. We recommend you to take your time and find the best fireplace door to stay secure.       

Step 2: Set Lintel Clamps

Lintel clamps will be set at the top of the door’s back. You need to remove the screws to set the clamps.

So, don’t wait. Remove all four screws and keep them safe.

Now, set the lintel clamps on top. Then, adjusting the clamps is necessary.    

Step 3: Screw Holes Marking

Now, the L-shaped floor brackets need to be screwed. When you have done doing that, set a light inside the fireplace.    

To mark the screw holes, take the door and place it at the opening of the fireplace. The light set inside will show you where to screw the holes. Following it, mark the points to screw.   

Step 4: Drill the Marked Points 

After removing the door, you will see the marked points. Here comes the action time!

You need to drill these points into a 2-inch hole. The drill machine needs to be a 5/16 inch masonry bit to fit the door. Then, clean the holes using a vacuum.

Step 5: Put Anchors

It is time to put the anchors into the holes. You can do it with a hammer. Don’t fret. It’s an easy step.

Just be careful to flush the anchors with the fireplace brick. Cross-Check to see if they are placed properly or not.

Step 6: Set the Door

You need to cover your hands with a pair of gloves. Then, set the fiberglass insulation on the door to keep it secure from leaking smoke.  

Now, you can take the door to the fireplace opening and tighten the screws into the anchors.

Remember to tighten them as much as needed. Otherwise, loose or extra tighten screws may lead to more damage.       

Step 7: Check Everything    

In the end, you need to check the clamp and tighten the screws carefully. Do not tighten them excessively otherwise it can have an opposite effect. Such as  damage to the clamp.

Finally, your fireplace door is all set and it will indeed look incredible. Moreover, you won’t face the fireplace door closing problem anymore.  We’ve done it!             

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a glass door helpful for the fireplace?  

Answer: A glass door is helpful for the fireplace as it prevents burning logs to come outside the fireplace. It avoids the fire to flame outside and harming anyone. Moreover, the problem with sparks happens less due to a glass door.        

How much should you seal a fireplace door?  

Answer: You should seal a fireplace door keeping an ⅛-inch gap. It is because sealing the whole door is not safe for the fireplace. It can prevent the airflow from going in or coming out.        

How can you avoid the fireplace glass door from exploding?

Answer: You can avoid the fireplace glass door from exploding by taking proper care of it. Many people do not clean it or let it remain without any maintenance. That’s a big no.  Hence, you should clean it frequently.        

Final Thoughts

No wonder, when the fireplace door does not close, it worries us a lot. Fortunately, now you know why the fireplace door won’t close.

If you find these helpful, share it with your friends. This might prove promising to them too. Plus, we would love you help you friends. 

So, see you in the next one. Happy camping!