Gas Fireplace Goes Out After a Few Minutes in 2022 [Reasons + Solutions]

A gas fireplace is our true friend during the winter months. No doubt, it keeps both us and the house warm and comfortable.   

But we get tense when the gas fireplace goes out after a few minutes and it keeps happening.      

Why does your gas fireplace go out after a few minutes? A gas fireplace can go out frequently because of less air pressure, gas flow, insufficient fuel burning, defective components, carbon monoxide, dirt or defects in thermocouple and thermopile, and because of an old gas fireplace.

gas fireplace goes out after a few minutes

Since you got to know some of the reasons, now it is time to know the ways to resolve them. Read below to know the details.

We discussed more information that will help you. Let’s not delay to know these.         

Reasons Behind Gas Fireplace Going Out and Fixing Methods      

The gas fireplace can go out after a few minutes frequently. It also gives us tension about the reason behind the issue.

We are going to discuss these reasons with solutions that you can fix on your own.

These are detailed below –     

Reason 1: Less Air Pressure 

We all know that Oxygen is a must to set fire. The same goes for a gas fireplace. Sometimes the way of Oxygen going to the fireplace gets blocked. As a result, Oxygen can not go in. Due to less air pressure, the gas fire goes out.   

Solution : Clean the Unit

First, check the Oxygen intake to see if it is blocked or not. If you find any issue, remove it and clean the area.

In case you see  nothing is blocking the way of airflow, clean that unit thoroughly will be a great option.     

Reason 2: Gas Flow

Another reason can be the need for gas flow. Burning gas for a long time can cause insufficient gas flow and thus encouraging less fire-burning duration.

Thus, for the need of proper gas flow, the fire lits up for a short time and goes out frequently.

Solution: Check the Control Knob

To resolve the issue, the gas fireplace needs an appropriate amount of gas flow. To work properly, this gas flow directly goes to the pilot. That’s why, you should check the control knob near it and fix it if needed.    

Reason 3: Insufficient Fuel Burning  

Due to insufficient fuel burning, the gas fireplace goes out after a few minutes repeatedly. Again, fuel needs to be burnt completely to keep the fireplace working.

Moreover, insufficient fuel causes no lighting to the gas fireplace. If there are any cracks on the gas tank, it is the reason for fuel scarcity. This leads to the smell of fuel in the gas fireplace.

Solution: Refill and Check Gas Tank

Whenever fuel is over or going to be over, refill the gas tank. It will provide continuous supply to the gas fireplace.      

Checking the gas tank regularly is a plus point to find if there are any cracks. Try to fix them without any delay.

Reason 4: Defective Components  

Defective components can interrupt the flow of a gas fireplace. Some components may have been installed wrongly. Also, the gas valve may be broken.

Later on, these components can be burned and create problems working. Not cleaning the burner areas is also responsible for this.

Solution: Detect and Fix

The installation process must be done properly. Cross-check the installed parts. The user manual can help you with this.

Cleaning the burner areas regularly will help a lot. Replace any broken parts including the gas valve if there are any.       

Reason 5: Carbon Monoxide

A gas fireplace requires Oxygen to operate and warm the room. When there is an insufficiency of oxygen and carbon dioxide is in the room, the gas fireplace goes out. Oxypilot can come at handy in monitoring the Oxygen level.  

Again, Oxypilot can be attacked by dirt and gets jammed. Therefore, it loses it ability to operate and give accurate results. Moreover, it turns the gas fireplace out.

Solution: Observe Oxypilot

Observe the Oxypilot and see if it has any faults. Also, you can clean it properly for better performance. 

Open the windows and door for a while to get more Oxygen in the room. Then, the gas fireplace may work again.   

Reason 6: Dirt in Thermocouple and Thermopile

The thermocouple and thermopile operate the gas valve and work with the pilot. After a period, the thermocouple and thermopile may break or get jammed due to dirt.

Thus, it leads to malfunction in the gas valve. Also, the thermocouple and thermopile do not work like before.  

Solution: Clean Them Frequently

Clean the thermocouple and thermopile frequently to get better results. Do not let them jam. Replace the broken one if there is any.

Reason 7: Old Gas Fireplace  

After sometimes everything gets old eventually and stops working like before. A gas fireplace is not different from that. If your gas fireplace is old enough, it may have issues and go out. 

Again, if you do not clean and maintain it after a period, it will cause more issues.

Solution: Update and Maintain

You can update the gas fireplace using paint on it. Thus, there won’t be any rust on its brass.

Cleaning the fireplace often will help you to get rid of any kinds of issues. Checking its components is a plus point.    

Can a New Carpet or a Pet Cause Harm to a Gas Fireplace?   

Yes, a new carpet or a pet can cause harm to a gas fireplace. Most of the houses have both the carpet and pets. As a result,  many homeowners are worried about their gas fireplaces too.

When we purchase a new carpet, it irritates us with the fluff coming out of it. No matter how hard we clean, we get fluff from everywhere.

These can also stick to the gas fireplace. Thus, the pilot light and thermocouple can be hampered.   

You do not need to worry much about these. When you purchase a new carpet, be more cautious regarding the fireplace. Check it once a day till the carpet fluff remains.

Likewise, a pet like a cat or a dog can be fatal to the gas fireplace. As the hair of the pet is sticky and can be found everywhere in the home, it can also reach to your gas fireplace. And this may lead to serious hazard.

Don’t worry. Cleaning the gas fireplace using a strong vacuum cleaner can get all the pet hair out. However, you can also continue the regular cleaning process to keep the hair away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of a thermocouple on a gas fireplace?

Answer: The lifespan of a thermocouple on a gas fireplace is about 8 to 10 years. This range can rise to 1 or 2 years more if you take good care of the thermocouple. Also, accurate installation is important.

Do all gas fireplaces have a thermocouple?

Answer: No, not all gas fireplaces have a thermocouple. These come with another feature named automatic spark igniters. It consists of some thermocouples and it is also known as a thermopile. This feature is used to let the gas fireplace perform better.

How long does a gas fireplace last?

Answer: A gas fireplace lasts 12 to 15 years on average. Its lifespan can vary according to your maintenance process. If the gas fireplace is protected with proper use, you can enjoy it for up to 25 years.

Final Verdict

As we discussed almost everything related to why the gas fireplace goes out after a few minutes, we can assume that you got the solution to your problem.

Thus, you can solve the issue by following the methods mentioned above. It is our happiness to help you out.  

In case you are unable to fix the gas fireplace, do not delay calling an expert.